What should I do to increase my sales?

Today we bring you eight practical tips to get the most out of your Partners strategies.

When it comes to increasing your brand's sales, digital marketing strategies prove to be your best allies in building a base of results. 

However, these strategies are constantly changing, and the best plan of action always involves staying one step ahead of trends. 

That's why working hand in hand with the most influential content creators in your area is essential to know what's driving your audience's interest. 

To help you get the most out of our platform and each of your new Partners, we bring you a series of brief tips to keep in mind to achieve the best results with your programs.

Tip to increase your sales #1: Set objectives

Visualize what you want to achieve and define based on that the strategy by which you will use content creators. 

To be clear about your goals, try to answer the following questions: 

How do I want to make myself known?
How do I imagine the promotion of my products?
By what percentage do I want to increase my sales?
Do I want to increase visits to my physical store?
Do I want my e-commerce to be known?

Write down your answers and work on them to start drawing the best strategy for your brand. Having a defined objective makes it easier to put a plan into action. 

Tip to increase your sales #2: Detect where your community is 


Find out what are the characteristics of your target audience, what things they like, what they are passionate about doing. 

Do the exercise of putting yourself in their shoes and think like them. Ask yourself, who do they follow on their networks, what channels do they use, where do they usually consume content?

Do they prefer Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or do they definitely love to read and are fans of bloggers, what places do they frequent, and any other questions that will help you draw the most accurate picture of your ideal user. 

The more clarity you have about the characteristics of your community, the easier it will be to find the Partners or content creators most in tune with your audience. 

Tip to increase your sales #3: Don't choose by number, choose by affinity

When choosing a content creator, take into account the subject in which he or she is an expert. Ideally, their content should be related to your industry or product. 

Check the quality of the comments they receive, so you can quickly assess their level of influence and get an idea of the emotions that their content is capable of generating. 

Tip to increase your sales #4: Where do you want to make an impact?

If you want to promote a business in a specific place, work with content creators or local partners that you can, even if they are in nano or micro categories. 

Why? Because they have more reach in their locality. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a profile that covers the national territory, look for macro Partners or celebrities. 

Tip to increase your sales #5: Consider content creators as your partners.

Trust them, as they are the ones who really know what your audience likes and dislikes. Give them the freedom to create and propose. Choose authentic and identifiable partners, who are in sync with your ideology or brand raison d'être.

Tip to increase your sales #6: Apply win to win strategies

The best tactics are those where everyone wins, because through it, motivational, more inspirational, and free content is born, which is perceived by the customer and influences their action. 

Special discount: Assign a personalized promotional code. This way you gain notoriety, provide personalization to your partner, and the customer earns a discount. 

Product showcase: When you share your product with the content creator, you will give them the opportunity to create much more authentic posts, with a more credible message for their audience. In fact, unboxings are one of the best post ideas as they are very engaging and interesting to users. 

So make sure you post a product, as the content creator will look for the most ideal way and the exact moment to show it. You gain notoriety, conversions, a Partner at ease and a customer with high expectations to have the same experience. 

An event: For example, a fashion workshop or a masterclass with a Partner. 

Events bring you notoriety, recognition, influence and conversions. Partners, for their part, will feel enriched by the experience, and customers will feel at ease with the new season's tips. 

Tip #7: Diversify your formats

As a brand, a multi-channel approach is the best foundation you can build to increase the reach of your message and promotions. This way, you can reach more audiences located on the most important platforms by creating content in all major formats. 


Blogs represent a space where content creators can recommend products with a lot of freedom for their personal opinions, since these platforms are the right space to write and build a very close community. 

You can leverage this as a brand to get closer to an audience that enjoys reading and learning more about the benefits of the products they are exposed to. In addition, blog posts have can rank at the top of the results for up to two years, which is in stark contrast to the short relevant life of social media posts.

YouTube is a great channel that allows content creators to post videos explaining the benefits of the product, recommending it in a more genuine and relatable way. In terms of video longevity, they can stay well positioned for several years and continue to generate sales throughout that time. 

Instagram, meanwhile, is easily the most relevant and present promotional platform in the minds of brands. However, to get the right results, the brand and content creator must promote based on constant collaboration, putting the product in front of users in the platform's different formats: feed posts, stories, guides, reels, etc.

Although the relevant lifetime of Instagram posts is quite short, these can have a great reach when targeted to the right audience. Here, audiovisual content plays an important role as it has proven to be the most eye-catching and interaction-generating content for creators and brands. 

Tip to increase your sales #8: Evaluate your results. 

Once the content has gone out, do a constant analysis. Measure reach, results, interactions. Observe what comments users make and how they appreciate the brand. 

Capture insights that can help you improve your product or expand the ones you already offer.

Finally, allow yourself to test... If the process is not going the way you want, change the strategy. But don't close yourself off, try all the options you have until you find the ideal one for your product or service.  

Extra tip - This is not invasive advertising 

It is really very important that the content does not feel like a sale, nor should it sound aggressive, if it is done in this way it loses its essence. On the contrary, it should be natural, it should flow... that's why its level of influence is high. 


Therefore, it is important that when you start collaborating with your Partners, you communicate to them the naturalness with which you want their audience to perceive you. 


After all, your partners are content creators who already have followers that fit your ideal customer profile, so make the most of this collaboration to increase your reach in the best possible way.


People are looking for a real, human and authentic connection. Choosing the right content creator is a critical step in executing an effective strategy and delivering tangible results in the form of traffic, registrations and sales for your brand.