Prestashop Integration

To integrate the Filiatly platform with your Prestashop website, you must follow the this steps:

1. Download the Filiatly Prestashop module, for this, enter your Filiatly platform with your credentials. Go to Profile> Settings> Integration> Add Integration. Choose what type of integration you want to do, write the name and url of your website, enter the Prestashop option and follow the instructions.

2. Enter the administrator panel of your Prestashop online store.
3. Go to (Left menu) Modules> Catalog of modules> Install a Module


4. Upload the module that you have downloaded.


5. Once the module has been successfully uploaded. Continue with the installation by going to Modules> Module manager> Find the installed module “Filiatly” and press “install” on the right side of the module.


Your integration is ready! Try creating a commission to validate if the integration is working. Do you have any doubt? We are here to help you.