Validation status

¡Hi Partner! 👋🏻

When entering Filiatly as a Partner, you must first go through a review process by our internal team of Partners, who will review and analyze if you meet the necessary requirements to be part of the community.

If your status is in the account pending validation, it means that our team is still reviewing your profile and your social accounts to validate if they are adequate and work with our platform.

Have a little patience. 😉

If your status is in Active Profile, it means that our team has decided that your metrics in your accounts, your content and your social profile are what Filiatly is looking for, and in this way you will be able to become part of our Partner community and be available to our community of brands that will seek to create commission programs and grow your business with you.

Congratulations and welcome! 🚀


If your status is in Profile not approved, it means that you still do not meet the necessary requirements to be part of the Filiatly community:

Your number of followers is not enough, your content is not appropriate for brands, or your Instagram account (if it is the network you are using) is not public. When you think you can meet these requirements, try again to get platform validation. Also remember that you must have your channels verified in order to be approved.

Keep growing to work with us! ✌🏻

If you have any questions and need help, you can write to us at