5 Tips for Creating a Successful Partner Program

We bring you 5 tips to create a successful partner program through your private community of content creators.

Your programs represent each of the campaigns in which your community of partners creates content in exchange for a commission for each result they generate. 

It is very important that you know what makes a program work best for you. That's why we want to give you a couple of tips that will help you create a truly successful program from our platform. 

Tip to create a successful Partners program #1: Choose the perfect program for you.


The direction of your strategies will depend on your objectives, and that's why we recommend you to know the different types of programs that you can create to achieve your goals. 

Each of these types of programs require different strategies that will give you different results, so you should be very clear about your objectives before you start building your programs.

Launch Program


Launch programs are ideal to present a new product or service, working as a campaign in which content creators promote the brand based on this new launch or premiere. 

The strategy in these programs is to use as many content creators as possible in a well-defined time window. Ideally, this promotion period should be approximately one month before the launch or premiere and thus take advantage of this time to attract the attention of the audiences of the different partners. 

The result of this type of program is to generate enough interest during the promotion period to have conversions that exceed those achieved in regular sales periods.


This makes them highly effective and one of the best courses of action to take when creating a program.

Continuity program


Continuity programs focus on projecting the brand on an ongoing basis through a series of content creators who share audiences with common interests. 

The objective of brands with a continuity program is to maintain interest continuously over time, generating loyalty and conversions from the audiences of the collaborating Partners. 

The community of Partners in this type of program should be made up of micro and nano influencers as well as macro influencers, all operating under the same themes and categories in which your brand is positioned. 

In this way, the promotional actions of the macro influencers will serve as an incentive for the nano and micro influencers to also start creating promotional content. 

This results in an expansion of the brand by positioning itself in the content of the digital audience leaders where potential buyers of the brands are located. 

Credibility program


Credibility programs stem from the effectiveness that recommendations from trusted individuals have on consumers. These kinds of programs are developed in the realm of nano and micro influencers and focus on the creation of user-generated content. 

This kind of content - called User Generated Content - is key to generating credibility among potential customers, as they can see how their favorite content creators share their positive experiences with the brand's product or service.  

This not only creates interest in the brand, but also builds trust, which greatly increases the chances of a sale. In addition, content creators who present themselves as users of the brand encourage their own followers to create this kind of content as well, forming a network of recommendations that positions the product in front of larger audiences.

Tip for creating a successful partner program #2: Define what you need from your program.

Once you have decided which type of program is best suited to your company, it is time to define what you should track to achieve your goals. 

Metrics are the key to achieving the success indicators of your campaigns, and that's why you must be very clear about what you need to track in order to make your programs a success. 

When you create a program on our platform, we offer you three key metrics on which you can base your programs. 


Clicks indicate all the visits received by the commission links used by the content creators in their profiles and channels. Visits or web traffic determines the response that partners' followers, readers, and subscribers have to promotional content. 

Click-throughs are key to keeping track of the interest generated from users, and are used in combination with the next two indicators. 



Registrations respond to user subscriptions to services you may offer as brands. When a content creator publishes the commission link and their audience members follow it and consequently subscribe to what you offer, a new record will be generated as an indicator.

Registrations or subscriptions are completed when users fill out forms with their data and proceed to be part of your services, whether paid or free. As a general rule, sign-up programs will also track clicks on the content creator's commission link.


The sales indicator represents all the conversions that content creators have managed to generate through your program. These are realized each time a user completes the purchase process by following the commission link that the Partner has shared on their content channel.


As with registrations, sales tracking is accompanied by click-throughs to see how users respond to the commission link. 

These three metrics - Clicks, Registrations and Sales - allow you to create a commission program to promote your brand to your private community of content creators based on what your business needs to grow.

Tip for creating a successful Partner program #3: Set a budget for your programs and stick to it.


Your program budget will always be subject to your goals, but one of the great advantages of collaborating with Partners is working on a results basis. 

This means that you move away from traditional marketing in which you pay for a single ephemeral publication on an influencer's profile, and you are inclined to pay for each result you receive, whether they are clicks, registrations, or sales. 

Each of the actions that content creators generate for you means a commission for them, which can be a percentage of each sale they make or even a fixed cost of the periodicity you want. 

An important factor in terms of budget is that commission costs may depend on the platforms and channels of the content creators, the indicators to follow, and the cost of the product or service.

Collaborating with partners is one of the most effective ways to invest a company's budget in digital channel promotion, and it is also one of the best ways to cover a return on investment based on business relationships that deliver real results. 

Tip for creating a successful Partner program #4: Add the right Partners


Having a successful Partner program falls primarily on finding and collaborating with content creators who are best suited to what you offer as a brand. 

Choosing the right partners means reaching the ideal audiences, those where your potential customers and users who demonstrate a genuine interest in what your product and service can offer them. 


The ideal content creators are those who represent that ideal customer that you envision using your product and that you want to reach through your partner program. 

The goal of working with the right partners means expanding your community and reaching new audiences through genuine and interesting content that showcases your product in a positive, useful and relatable way. 

The relationships you create with your partners go far beyond the content you publish. They are medium and long term collaborations that represent beneficial results for the growth of both of you and the creation of a solid community.

Within our platform you can find the ideal content creators for you through our advanced search and specialized filters. These allow you to find content creators according to the channels, categories, and indicators that most interest you to execute your strategies. 

This way, you can start building your private community of partners who respond directly to your business needs with genuine and engaging content. 

Tip for creating a successful Partner program #5: Do all your testing 


Once you've created your program, set the commission cost, and invited the perfect partners for your brand and goals, you're ready to launch your campaign. However, the last step you need to take is to do all the necessary testing to make sure your program is ready to go. 

To test the program you just created, just click on the commission link that our platform generates for each program. When you are taken to the landing page of the sale or registration, complete the purchase process as if you were a regular customer - you can always apply a discount - and watch your Filiatly dashboard. 

The click-through and sales indicators should record the actions you have just taken, demonstrating your link tracking and ensuring that every click, registration, or sale will be recorded in our platform and displayed in your reports. 

Successful partner programs consist of drawing up the right strategies and collaborating with the profiles that are most similar to your brand. In this way, you guarantee the best results and the strengthening of beneficial relationships between your company and the content creators.